3 Bad Money Habits to Kick

3 Bad Money Habits to Kick

It’s easy to continue making the same money mistakes over and over again, especially if your bad money habits started as early as your 20s. Overspending, accruing debt, and never saving anything are three of the biggest problems when it comes to personal finance. Learn how to take control of your spending and ensure you never have a money problem you can’t handle.

Habit #1: Not Tracking Your Spending

No matter how diligently you follow a budget, it’s easy to get tripped up over a weekend. Your Saturday and Sunday expenditures may not show up in your bank account until Monday morning, which makes it difficult to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending. This often leads to overdrawn balances. Get in the habit of keeping a spending log to keep track of what you’re spending money on even during the weekend. There are plenty of apps that can help you easily track your income and expenses. No matter how fun you want your weekend to be, you definitely don’t want to be staring at a negative balance come Monday morning.

Habit #2: Not Planning Ahead for Large Expenses

When you have to make a big purchase, like a new car or a vacation, it’s tempting to just throw it all on a credit card. Even if you think you’ll be able to pay it off in full before long, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your plan. If you even miss one payment, you could be hit with a serious fee or a crazy interest rate. Plus, you could screw up your credit score. Instead, budget regularly for big expenses, like annual vacations. If you know you have something coming up in the future, set up your bank account so part of your paycheck automatically goes into a savings account.

Habit #3: Never Setting Up an Emergency Fund

According to USA Today, one in five millennials have not yet started a savings account. Even those who have aren’t contributing to it regularly. Always keep money set aside for an emergency. You should always be able to handle your necessary expenses for six months if you were to lose your job tomorrow. If you get hit with any kind of unexpected expense, like a medical bill or an accident, you’ll still be able to pay your rent and utilities for the foreseeable future.

When you get into the habit of saving money, you’ll start thinking about your retirement savings, too. It’s never too early to start saving or investing for retirement. For more tips on investing, check out Hennion and Walsh’s Twitter.

Internet business failure or rejection

Internet business

“You can experience rejection for free or you can do it for money. Nobody likes rejection but it is a fact of life in just about every thing you do. In business, deal with it or stay poor.”
-Jack M. Zufelt

Yes any internet business or online business is tough.

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Four Great Ways To Optimize Your Casino’s Marketing Efforts

Four Great Ways To Optimize Your Casino’s Marketing Efforts

These days, many casino owners are interested in taking their companies to a new level of success. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that there are a plethora of ways you can cause your vision to become a present reality. One particularly effective strategy you could use would be to to implement a strong marketing campaign. Here are four great ways to put this process in motion:

1. Invest In Research And Analytics.

The foundation of any great marketing platform is research and analytics. Before you develop a branding strategy or start putting together a website, you need to get detailed information regarding your target market and a plethora of other matters such as who your competition is and the current state of your industry. Once you gain this information from the data, you’ll be able to implement a knowledge-based marketing platform.

2. Make Your Online Content Fluff-Free.

As many marketing experts know, content is king in the world of online advertising. Since this is the case, the web articles and blog posts that you create need to be absolutely outstanding in order to be an asset to your marketing platform. With that thought in mind, it’s important to note that you should keep your content “fluff-free.” This means that you shouldn’t ramble on or include meaningless facts in your content. Rather, you should get to the point fairly quickly and make sure that your work is chock full of data that will be valuable to your customer. There are a plethora of other strategies that you can implement to make your content incredible, such as increasing its scannability. Scannability is a term that references the process of structuring your content such that a reader could quickly skim through it to find the information she or he is looking for. Some of the textual components you can implement to make your content more scannable include headers, bullets, and numbered lists.

3. Connect With Your Industry’s Leaders.

Another important marketing strategy that you can implement to ensure that your casino keeps moving forward is to connect with leaders in your industry. This strategy is very effective because once you develop a positive professional relationship with these individuals, they will oftentimes speak well of your product line to prospective clients. Thus connecting with leaders in your industry can function as a foundational step towards you attaining some absolutely amazing word-of-mouth advertising that translates into exceptional conversion rates. Once you start networking with leaders in the casino industry, think of the value of connecting with a man like Sid Vaikunta. Vaikunta is a managing director at Star City and has played an integral role of developing numerous business endeavors within the industry.

4. Read.

Yet another important technique that you can implement to enhance your marketing strategies and thereby move your casino company forward is reading. As many business experts know, people are generally more interested in doing business with companies led by thought leaders than those which are not. With that reality in mind, you should make reading an integral component of your daily life. In so doing, you can become an industry expert and gain the respect and attention of your target market.


When you’re ready to take your casino to a new level of success and expansion, know that implementing a sound, solid marketing campaign will help you realize this vision. Get started now by implementing some or all of the advertising techniques outlined in the previous paragraphs. Good luck!

Internet business affiliate daily tip

Internet business affiliate tip of the day

Another internet business,online business tip.

Today’s Tip brought to you by Delmage Taylor Bronze Team Leader

Participation – That’s what it’s all about.

You want to make money using the SFI Affiliate, TripleClicks Member combination? You have to do just one thing: participate. That’s really what it is all about. Only through full participation can you achieve complete success with SFI. Anything short of that and your goals of success suffers.

I’m not talking about just signing up and sitting on the sidelines. That doesn’t bring success to anyone. You’ll get ignored, left behind, and never realize any benefit from your association with this group.

So what do I mean by participation? Well, let’s see if I can lay it out for you. The many ways you can, and should, participate:

Standing Order (intrinsic rewards)–https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/StandingOrders

LaunchPad – Versa Points (establishes rank for purpose of computing commissions)–https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/

S-Builder Co-Op -(business group building rewards)–https://www.sfimg.com/PowerTools/SBuilder


PriceBender Auction – TCredits (immediate under-cost merchandise wins)–http://www.tripleclicks.com/PBhowItWorks.php

TConnect site/page – selling your used goods (recoup some of value left in used products)–https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/Glossary#T

Transfer Buying – Personal Purchasing (Getting from TC what your already buy someplace else)–https://www.sfimg.com/EA1010

Deal-of-the-Day e-mail (cut rate prices on many useful products)–https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/Glossary#D

Connecting – building your community, expanding your market for your TConnect site or your ECA store

Advertising – FaceBook and Twitter SFI Tripleclicks pages, free classified ad sites, ppc, etc.

Online business

If you’re not already “participating,” why? You will succeed only through participating.
Quote of the Day
“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.”
-Alexander Graham Bell

Internet business review

Internet business review tip

A few tips for internet business,online business.
Today’s Tip brought to you by Melvin Hebert Bronze Team Leader*

The best tip that I can think of is to go through all of the training and when you finish review, review, review. Also initiate a Standing Order, because I think SFI is the best. The Standing Order can do good things for you, such as gaining you EA status and maintaining that status. It only takes 1,500 VP to acquire this level. I definitely recommend this move. Remember to do the to-do list daily. It is also important to maintain EA status in order to retain all CSAs assigned to you, the Standing Order is the Key.

Online business

“There’s no feeling quite like the one you get when you get the truth: You’re the captain of the ship called you. You’re setting the course, the speed and you’re out there on the bridge, steering.”
-Carl Frederick

Internet business top tip of the day

Internet business top tip of the day for a great online business

Today’s Tip brought to you by Rita Dileo Executive Affiliate (EA2)

Motivation, friendliness, caring and determination is what makes a successful person and business. Without the person, there is no business. Most importantly NEVER NEVER give up, even if it’s still not where you want to be. If you truly want to work from home, then you must put all you can in this program. I have faith that it will work. You get out of it what you put into it.

Online Business Quote of the Day

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”
-Flora Edwards

Get more information on internet business or start an online business.

Internet Business Affiliate Tip of the Day

Internet Business Affiliate Tip of the Day

Internet business tip for a successful online business.

Today’s Tip brought to you by Svetlana Ivanovic Affiliate

There are a lot of people who are just looking, but if you keep advertising, you will find those who are serious about building a part-time or full-time income from home.

It is a sorting process as with any sales, and it can be very rewarding.

Remember that we have a great business with a company that has longevity, and that strives to give affiliates the best opportunity out there.

It is important to NEVER EVER give up. Keep your ads running. Do something every day. You will have success.

Also add value when you are promoting SFI. For example, instead of just recommending that someone join SFI and sharing your affiliate link, create a value-added offer of service that includes joining SFI as a requirement for receiving your service.

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“The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”
-Napoleon Hill